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Cold Beverage Coasters

Epoxy Resin Coasters 🥰

Give something personalised to someone special today 💝

Everything is handmade in Harrogate! ❤️

Personalized prices:

Flower coasters start at £6.99 each

Le circle coasters start at £2.80 each

Plus the following extras:

(With a gold trim +£1)

(With Glitter +£1)

(With Flowers +£1)

(With Neon Glow in the Dark Pigments +£1)

Any moulding faults, we will deduct -£1

All pieces are Handmade, we will try to remove as many bubbles as possible from art pieces but there may still be a few visible due to how difficult it is to remove bubbles from resin.

Please read our terms and conditions before purchasing any resin products and we hope you enjoy seeing our designs 🌹

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