Terms & Conditions


We will Always sanitize our hands before handling any stock, if you are particularly at risk you may request us to wear gloves during delivery.

We will leave your items on your doorstep and knock on your door before stepping back.

We will not enter any property during deliveries and exchanges must always be made outside,

this is to protect both our customers and ourselves from harm and from spreading the current virus.

In no circumstance are our staff required to enter your property for any reason and if you insist we reserve the right to cancel your order.

If you would like to be extra cautious we also recommend cleaning your hands after you touch your items for the first ten days of ownership to help reduce any possible spread of the virus.


We reserve the right to change stock prices & offers based on cost and availability without prior notice or reason at any time, this will not effect prices of orders you have already fully booked with us. (we may receive similar products from different suppliers who have a different price range and therefore we will charge according to their prices)

Once you have received an invoice with payment methods you may consider your order booked and reserved.

Invoices will only be given through the website, if you would like a hand written one please let us know in advance.

We do not keep any more than £100 in cash at any one time and we do not bring money with us  so if you need any change please give us advance notice before your purchase.

Information Given

All Information given is researched to the best of our knowledge and given to you as a guide only, we recommend you research your plants to get to know them better so you can care for them as best as possible. If you believe any information given to be false please let us know so we can rectify anything we have written and improve on accuracy, thank you.


Out of Stock


If you would like an item that has sold out or are searching for plants we don't have yet please contact us through the Facebook page or message us through the website and we will try our best to get some in for you as soon as we can.

We reserve the right to change stock prices & offers based on cost and availability without prior notice or reason at any time, this will not effect prices of orders you have already fully booked with us.

Colours are Subject to Availability. All Offers are Valid only on that products specific to their batch code, once they run out the offer will no longer be available.

Retail Supply

Discounts offered to businesses can only be used on our base price and does not include any offer we give to our customers, you may purchase as a customer to resell but no special discounts will be given on top of the ones already available.

You must not sell your plants at a lower value than we do, we like to keep selling friendly and give everybody a fair chance to make sales, anyone who sells their plants for less will be permanently banned from reselling our items.

Retail discounts are only available on our supplied plants, view our Facebook page for the latest plants in stock for a personalised quote.

Return & Refund Policy

Once you receive an invoice your order is booked with us. All items must be checked for satisfaction during delivery, if you claim stock is damaged after accepting your delivery we will not be liable for refunds or replacements and any given will be entirely due to our will and discretion.

To Return an item/order, you must notify us within 48h of receiving your order and we must receive your return within 14 days or we will not be able to accept your return.

All Returns must be given in the same state it was sold to you, if they are damaged we do not accept any responsibility or liability for that item and will not offer any store credits or refunds for ruined plants.

We will always describe stock & availability to the best of our knowledge, if you receive different items than what you had hoped for, but did not say what you needed specifically and could be interpreted differently we will not accept any liability for unreasonable disappointments.

If you buy reduced stock with faults, you buy your plants with the full knowledge they may need a full year to recuperate, we reduce those plants for a reason so please do not ask a little business for free items because your reduced/clearance plant hasn't grown the way you wish it to immediately, if you are unsure please don't buy them they are in clearance for a reason and will be told why they are in clearance if you view the description.


If you have any allergies to plants please don't buy them! Your health is our no1 priority, p0lease don't buy plants you may be allergic to.


All Quotes are free, orders over £150 require a 20% deposit.

Late Payments


All payments are due on or before the point of delivery, any outstanding payments of 3 days or more will incur a 5% daily charge if payment hasn't been made in full.


We will not sell any of your information to anyone, ever. The only time your information may be accessed by anyone other than ourselves is during database or website changes/ updates and any social media that demand shared info upon signup, such as fb terms & conditions for connecting our store and such. In no way are we to voluntarily share your personal information for any other reason than company improvement. Although different social media we are partnered with may have their own rules and regulations, the information we receive when you place an order is strictly only accessible to people working or helping the company Miriam's Garden and is strictly against our policy to pass on any of your information to anyone by our hand, anyone found to be in breech of that is breaking company policy and accepts full responsibility for any leakage of personal information such as  addresses, email or payment details.

We take our customers privacy very seriously and in no way shape or form is their information to be passed on to any second or third parties by any staff member under the Miriam's Garden Company.

Disclaimer & Resin Products

Resin care must be followed, replacements and refunds will not be issued after item is received in good condition. ☼ RESIN CARE INSTRUCTIONS ☼ Remove your resin jewellery when: applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products showering or swimming washing hands (if wearing a resin ring) cleaning with harsh chemicals For ashtrays: • do not put out cigarette/Rollie/etc directly on surface unless you want it to have a burn mark. I recommend keeping a coin in the ashtray to put out whatever you’re smoking on. Ashing into the ashtray is fine and should wipe off clean without a problem. Occasional polishing and proper storage in a box or bag is recommended when necessary. You can coat your jewellery in a thin coating of varnish or clear nail polish if you wish. This will act as an extra layer of protection against wear, water, and chemicals. Do not allow your resin jewellery to become extremely cold or hot. For example, don't leave it in a car on a hot day. If it gets hot, it will become malleable - just lay the item on a flat surface and allow to cool to room temperature before handling excessively. Resin can yellow over time due to exposure to UV light.  To further avoid discoloration, do not leave resin items in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Resin can be cleaned with a mild soap and water unless the surface has a painted design. The best way to restore resin's shine is to use a plastic polish. Do not microwave and do not put resin items in the dishwasher.

We use Epoxy resin for all of our gift  creations, all items are left to cure for 3 full days before they are put up for sale to ensure no chemical leakage and so it is as 'surface safe' as possible. Creations are only heat resistant if stated on the item, please keep any artwork away from excessive heat, keep them on a paper or fabric surface when in storage. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, if you have any skin allergies please let us know before buying any resin products. Please note these are Handmade and not factory made so they will have their own quirky faults depending on which media is used. Please read the online disclaimer carefully  before purchasing resin products.

If you suffer from any skin allergies please message us before buying 

Wholesale & Supply

if you would like us to supply your shop with plants regularly please contact us privately, we will need proof you are an established business owner and are in the retail sector to access the ability to have products at a cheaper price. if you live outside of our local area you will need to collect your plants from us or arrange a suitable delivery arrangement.

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