What do you need to consider before buying plants?

1 - Light / Shade Requirements:

Are you planting in a shady or light area & which plants can you put there?

Buxus for example are partly shade tollerant so if you're wanting a hedge, a plant used to British weather with low sun requirements would be best.

If you are in a hot climate with plenty of sun you can start planting more tropical varieties or invest in a good greenhouse and create the warmth needed to sustain these plants!

2 - PH levels

The PH level of your soil can be a deciding factor when purchasing your plants, a PH test of your soil is always recommended as this will tell you how acidic your soil is, every plant has its own preferred PH level for example a lemon tree would need a more acidic soil compared to a plant such as buxus which would be fine in ordinary bought compost.

3 - Moisture Levels

You wouldn't plant seaweed on a field and expect it to grow right? So make sure you aren't planting pond plants in a dry rockery or they would wither very quickly. Research your plants before buying them some might thrive on more water than others.

4 - Attracted Pests

Roses attract green fly which will eat any new rose heads but if you plant lavender which repulses pests next to it you have more chances of growing a healthy dose bush, this is called selective planting. Select the plants that will work in tune together to create the most impressive of gardens.

5 - Clipping / Upkeep

Make sure the species you buy fits the area it will be planted in when full grown, go on the RHS website to find out everything you need to know before you buy. Topiaries need clipping regularly to keep their shape intact so make sure you get the plant that needs the right amount of upkeep for you.

6 - Watering

Plants enjoy a regular soak which is why they do so much better in the ground the roots will spread wide to catch water from as far as possible to keep hydrated so when you have plants in pots it's very important to keep them watered, you can put water retainers in your planters before your soil to retain as much moisture as possible enabling a little slack such as perlite/ nappy beads or even new tampons!

We hope you've enjoyed learning with us and keep on the look out for more interesting posts 🎄❄️✨


- Miriam's Garden


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