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Ceanothus Cool Blue 5L

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Springs up lovely Bulbs of light blue flowers, beautiful bush to have in a sombre garden 💖

Total Height pot included: 2ft 

Pot width: 11inches

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Care tips:


- Pruning!

Clipping your shrubs yearly will encourage the growth of a fuller foliage, you don't need to cut much away as long as you cut off the ends of each branch this will encourage more growth, it is recommended to do this in the cooler months while plants are semi-dormant.

- Good air movement

This will help fight against diseases or mould on soil so it is a good idea to leave a little space in-between your plants when planning your garden, this will help your plants thrive the longest.

- Tight roots or Root bound 

To stop Excessive root build-up we recommend you either place your garden plants in the ground or if you would like to keep them as potted plants you should upgrade your plants pot size according to how much space the roots will need to grow, if you lift your plant out of its pot and you can see a lot of roots, you will know it's definitely a good time to upgrade its pot size.

--Soil PH

Some plants require specific soil PH measurements or conditions for their best growth, please research your plants accordingly for the best growth possible, for example did you know some hydrangea change colour from pink to blue depending on the soils PH? Amazing right! ...😳

- Watering

Please ensure to water often especially when the weather has cooled down such as the evening/night after a hot day.

- Leaf Care

Remember! wet leaves or tightly packed plants can encourage disease spread and wet plants on a sunny day can burn your leaves, you should also remove dead or damaged leaves as these can slow down a plants growth, please keep this in mind when caring for your plants. 🌼🌱


This is just a simple guide, and does not cover all the complexities of gardening but I do hope it helps beginner gardeners start their planting journey in the right direction ☺️

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