Miriam's Garden is a Family owned business based in Harrogate, having simply started from the back garden of the family house we have broadened our knowledge of planting and taking care of plants and will continue to increase what we know and share information to the best of our ability.

Miriam's Garden has gradually been increasing good local reputation and gained a list of suppliers and sellers to work with regularily as well as supply anyone living locally, with all the plants they desire to own.

Our plans have just begun... In the next few years we would like to increase our educating ability to help the future generations know how to take care of our precious planet and all its animal & plant inhabitants/flora, it is one of our biggest believes that with little basic knowlege comes great power, you wouldnt believe all the little things you can do to keep plants & wild animals healthy and active to the best of their ability, so the more we learn the more we will pass on useful information to our subscribers so that we  can really make a difference.

We would like to create educational sessions within the website for adults and children to learn how to care for and grow plants and make these easily accessable via the blog.

We are slowly preparing our forest plot of 5.5acres in Brafferton to expand on space capability so we may source more plants and products to broaden our range of items available.

We would like to create a platform allowing people to look up information on plants & select options allowing to solve any problems you may have with that specific plant & more...

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Contact: 49 Redfearn Mews, Harrogate HG29QN