Business Owner

Miss Miriam Ruddy

I Post on all
 of  the social media accounts, i also edit the website, im often liaising with customers and taking manual orders, designing our advertising, i am also the first point of contact for new customers so if you send us a message, i will be more than happy to help!.
the items you will find on the Gift Shop are all handmade by me.
I source specific orders for customers from local suppliers & more!

About Us The Journey So Far...

in 2019 we learned our trade.

was very much the learning year for us, experimenting with plants, getting to know them and how to care for them, we will continue to increase our knowledge and share information to the best of our ability from here onwards so we can all learn!

in 2020 we gained local trust as a company.

Miriam's Garden has been able to successfully gain a great local reputation and a healthy regular customer base,

2020 was the first year of selling our plants, thanks to all our regular customers we have managed to create a stable business and now have lots of plans to expand in the future so be prepared for some amazing products.

in 2021 we made some changes.

it is one of our biggest believes that with little basic knowledge comes great power, so the more we learn the bigger difference we will all be able to make to keep our planet healthy & thriving. this is why i created the new blog where i will share the things i believe are worth knowing for all to read.

 September 2021 -  Planning Application Approved for the Future Workshop We can now start with our plans to create a workshop which will enable us to create a whole new range of products ranging from woodworking to resin masterpieces, you won't be disappointed in what we will have to offer! 

Coming Next:

- ---More Postage

- Record more Wildlife Videos for our YouTube Channel

- Increase shipping availability

- Continue educational blog for adults & children.

- Increase our growing space by having a polytunnel at the forest.

- Workshop on the way! in late 2022